Oven Cleaning process

M.P.M use a unique bio degradable 100% safe cleaning system.
We do not use any caustic or dangerous chemicals.
Firstly we will strip down the appliance by removing shelves, interior  panels and fan guard (behind which an amazing amount of gunge normally lurks).
These parts then go in to a custom made; van based heating system where grease and burnt on food deposits are ‘erased’.
Our caustic free formula is then applied to the interior of the oven.
Using our cleaning tools and some hard work all grease and carbon deposits are removed.
With the oven completely de-greased and polished the remaining parts are rinsed off and the oven is re-assembled.

Now your once filthy but vital appliance is gleaming and really does ‘look like new’ inside and out.
The same kind of attention can be given to your hob, extractor-hood (including free primary filter) aga and microwave.
Let someone else do the job you hate!




MPM cover a wide area including Northampton, Kettering, Rushden, Wellingborough, Huntingdon and surrounding areas.